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Technology is an important part of our society and is constantly evolving. Vierhout Engineering follows many developments and put it into practice. We consider technology a beautiful profession, from design to production and practical realization. As a mechanical engineer, practical specialist and engineering in business, we focus specifically on various subjects as: Mechanical Engineering, Steel Construction / Steel Structures, Industrial Process and Installation Technology, Sustainable Energy Techniques and Aquaponics for Sustainable Food Production / Agri & Food.

Evert Vierhout (ing.) Founded Vierhout Engineering in 2016 after having worked for several years in the industry for various employers with positions such as Project Engineer, Mechanical (construction workshop) Engineer, CAD Draftsman and FEA Simulation Engineer.

Vierhout Engineering is a (V.O.F.) engineering service company with a lot of knowledge, expertise and decisiveness in the field of Mechanical engineering design and realization. More than 16 years of experience in mechanical engineering. With extensive experience in the 'manufacturing industry' in which various disciplines have been developed into areas of expertise through, among other things, various training courses and business practice. A large network has been built up in, among others, the industry and production / assembly companies. For example, if multiple engineers are required for (large) projects, we can deploy them flexibly from our network.

Vierhout Engineering supports your company with the specific detailed engineering. We stand for quality, flexibility and aim for a positive cooperation with regard to your technical issues. When it is specifically desired, confidential information is recorded and treated with confidentiality (NDA).


Vierhout Engineering V.O.F. is due to growth continued in 2020 as a V.O.F. and no longer a one-man business. Anne Brinkman, who has been working in the background for a long time, is now officially a co-owner. Together with Evert Vierhout, we form the team behind Vierhout Engineering. This allows us to further expand our professional services and activities.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

Providing efficient and solid thorough (mechanical-structural) engineering services with technical design, advice, knowledge and skills applied for various industries.

Our Vision: 

We believe and contribute to a more sustainable, healthy and more efficient future, with innovative engineering tools, developments of knowledge and expertise in partnerships that we apply in practice in order to create mutual growth and impact.
Vierhout Engineering is happy to share and deliver its technical knowledge, expertise and services to find a good solution for your technical problem or project. We are a young small-scaled engineering company that is constantly evolving and offers efficient and flexible solutions, by performing of professional engineering projects.
These projects can be carried out from the Vierhout Engineering office, or if desired (partially) at your location. Good cooperation with thorough consultation is of course important for a project to be successful. Vierhout will visit/contact you for a first meeting without obligation to discuss your technical project.
We have a large network in the industry concerning production companies and (independent) engineers from many different disciplines. In addition, there are possibilities to put together strong project teams and possibly to arrange / manage the production / assembly technology. In this way we can fully relieve you of the engineering (designs) and the supply of technology. we are also happy to assist you for smaller technical projects. We are open to any future collaboration with other companies and entrepreneurs in technology and engineering.

Vierhout considers sustainability to be of paramount importance. Our mission is therefore to make the world more sustainable, greener and healthier. This plays an important role in the choices that are made.
It is our mission to use the knowledge and techniques that we have in-house to work as much as possible for a more sustainable world. Where sustainability, technology and comfort do not have to stand in each other's way but can form a beautiful combination.

Thank you for your interest, we are happy to support you with the technical projects and Engineering. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

Evert Vierhout
Anne Brinkman




Vierhout Engineering V.O.F.

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