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Mechanical engineering

Do you have technical issues or capacity problems within your company or engineering department?

We offer Mechanical engineering design services and customized engineering.

  • Applied Mechanical Engineering in practice and theory.

  • Experience, knowledge and expertise present within many technical subjects and disciplines.

  • From idea, design to production, construction and realization.

  • Project management and practical approach from engineering to production and realization.

  • Technical drawings / CAD 2D / 3D.

  • Machine construction, precision engineering up to heavy machine construction, industrial automation.

  • Sustainable Energy Techniques from feasible studies to engineering and realization.

  • Piping / Rotating equipment / Industrial installation technology

  • Container construction and specials / Containerized solutions.

  • Steel structures

  • Skids / Skidbouw / Machine frames

  • Biogas installations with all associated technologies. Anaerobic processes, Tanks,

  • Waste water treatment in industrial and sewage water treatment. WWTP / WWTP technologies.

  • Machine construction such as: Rotating Equipment (pumps, compressors, etc.), Plastics Injection molding machines, Packaging, Palletizing, Robotic tools (grippers), Carton stacking machinery, etc.

  • Knowledge and experience with many production methods and designs such as;

  • Sheet metal, Sheet Metal, setting, Sheet results and cutting drawings.

  • Welding compositions

  • Machining techniques

  • Casting / Foundry models and drawings

  • 3D printing - 3D designing and supplying.

  • All accompanying drawings symbols for production such as; Welding symbols, shape-place tolerances, etc.

  • Making compositions with bill of materials (Bill Of Materials).

  • Diagrams and diagrams P & IDs, PFDs.

  • Drive technology; Designing and determining the drive type and associated order sizes. Pneumatics / hydraulics, electrical / mechanical drives.

  • Applied fluid mechanics; drawing up and determining hydraulic profiles, calculating pipe resistances, accessories and selecting suitable pumps. The development of piping / piping assemblies and production drawings.

  • Applied Energy Technology; Determine performance and various thermodynamic analyzes. Solutions and advice on sustainable energy systems.

  • For each project, it is determined exactly which activities are required and can be carried out.




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