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  • Evert Vierhout

Efficient and detailed mechanical structural engineering FEA/FEM simulation by Vierhout Engineering.

Do you have a technical and structural question about a design?

Vierhout Engineering (V.E.) helps with this as a consultant and provides detailed and efficient construction / strength calculations with clear reporting. The strength is a combination of the right scientific knowledge, experience, passion, cooperation and practical, applied method by means of advanced simulation tools.

Driven by Engineering!

V.E. is, among other things, specialized in performing various construction simulations with the corresponding advice. The specializations and disciplines are mainly focused on projects in mechanical engineering, steel construction, machine construction, high-tech, architecture, special / custom designed parts, assemblies and constructions. A diversity and combination of materials used (all types of metals, various ceramics and plastics) are possible. In collaboration with the client, and the (confidential) substantive technical knowledge, and designs, provide V.E. a detailed check-up and advice of the design.

Fig.1- Example of material stresses and bending in a steel construction frame. Welding assembly of sheet metal, steel tubing, machined-finished, incl. solid welds in 3D model.

Fig.1- Example of material stresses and bending in a steel construction frame. Welding assembly of sheet metal, steel tubing, machined-finished, incl. solid welds in 3D model.

SimSolid v.s. traditional FEA / FEM simulations

V.E. currently manage the professional license of Altair SimSolid. V.E. has been active with SimSolid since 2016 and is an experienced professional consult. And before that for more than a decade with traditional FEA/FEM systems and practically executed projects. Why V.E. Apply SimSolid? It offers us and the clients various advantages compared to the traditional working method in FEA / FEM software packages. Basically, the 3D CAD (solid) models are applied directly without simplifying them. This also applies to 3D assemblies with large numbers of parts (large assemblies), for example used in complex machine assemblies. This applies the actual 3D CAD geometry with as much detail as possible. The SimSolid method is in fact based on a 'Meshless / Meshfree Method' by means of 'Polynomials' instead of the different types of 'Mesh elements' in FEA / FEM. For those interested, a complex mathematical basis for this can be found in various Whitepapers (available on request). This SimSolid analysis method has a relatively fast simulation/lead time. Due to these various advantages, we can focus more on detail in the 3D CAD geometry, the associated 'Degree Of Freemdom' and forces / loads between various parts, with multiple load cases (Load cases) of simulations in a given given time frame / planning.

As a rule, with this method we increase the efficiency, the detail and technical insights of the project. Read more about simulations by Vierhout Engineering here.


Project workflow & approach by Vierhout Engineering

Are you interested in a simulation, check-up and / or technical advice of a specific design? V.E. checks the design based on your issue. Projects with a short lead time (a few hours or days) to the larger projects (several weeks / months) are for V.E. usual.

Project workflow by V.E.;

  1. Obligation free quote

    1. First contact and substantive consultation about the technical project. At company location or (online) remotely. Optional; a confidentiality agreement NDA.

    2. Exchange of 3D CAD models, detailed specifications and load cases. V.E. tests and evaluates the 3D CAD models for usability prior to simulation analysis.

  2. Simulation process and detailed analysis.

  3. Design Review of (interim) results on company location and / or remotely with various online tools (email, video call, Microsoft Teams / Zoom).

    1. If required: design update / 3D model revision / optimization and iteration simulation.

  4. Reporting final results.


Vierhout Engineering provides efficient, practical, flexible and detailed engineering.



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