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  • Evert Vierhout

Showcase Article: Sorba Projects | Detailed structural simulations

Vierhout Engineering (V.E.) has carried out various detailed Mechanical - Structural analyses for Sorba Projects B.V.

V.E. delivered several high-detailed simulations and analyses at special and complex architectural shaped panels, developed and constructed by Sorba Projects. Some of these projects are applied to: Building façade and roof trim panels, balcony panels/fencing and for a railway station platform lighting and sound armatures.

V.E. used the software Altair SimSolid for these simulations at the high detailed 3D CAD designs by Sorba Projects. These simulations are performed with the realistic 3D geometry

without 3D CAD model simplification. With this methods, more details (with respect to traditional FEA / FEM simulations) and more efficiency have been realized.

These projects focused on the following technical subjects:

Results and structural check according Eurocode. Including Wind and other external loads. Various used materials; Structural Steel, Aluminium alloys and Alpolic composite analysis. Bolted and glued connections. Sheet metal, structural profiles. Results within: Displacements, Material Stresses, Fatigue and fixation reaction forces / anchor strength checks .

Vierhout Engineering is grateful to Sorba Projects for these projects.

For this showcase are some images shown with minimal tech details regarding respect to NDA.


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