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  • Evert Vierhout

Showcase Article: Mechanical Structural simulation OPRA Turbine package

In the last quarter of 2019, OPRA Turbines B.V. has requested Vierhout Engineering (V.E.) to carry out various Mechanical - Structural simulations and analysis of an OPRA Turbine package with support skid and enclosure assembly. V.E. delivered successfully several high-detailed analysis using the software Altair SimSolid. OPRA has supplied the detailed 3D CAD designs, that V.E. has used efficiently (without model simplification) for the analysis.

With focus to following technical subjects:

- Steel structure analysis

- Eurocode & DNV GL code checks

- Welded and Bolted connections

- Displacements

- Material Stresses

- Modal Frequencies including Vibration support dampers

- Bearing connectors

- Various Load Cases

- In collaboration with a professional multi-disciplinary engineering team.

Vierhout Engineering is grateful to OPRA Turbines for this project.

For this showcase are some images shown with minimal tech details regarding respect to NDA.


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