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  • Evert Vierhout

Showcase Article: Global Rope Fittings | Structural simulations 3D | NonLinear FEA-FEM

Global Rope Fittings (GRF) has added a new product to their Aqualline range; the Take Up Assembly Closed (TUAC). It concerns a special type of high adjustable steel rope fitting, with the application for structural constructions such as steel cables connections for bridges.

In an efficient collaboration between GRF and Vierhout Engineering (V.E.) the new product has been developed. GRF has engineered the steel rope fitting, that V.E. has been allowed to simulate and analyze for strength in detail. GRF has developed this product with modern 3D CAD tools Onshape, and V.E. has applied the advanced simulation tool Altair SimSolid professional.

The project research questions were to investigate the weakest points up to breaking strength of the material in various extreme load cases and to optimize it in the design. The applied material is a special type of alloy in cast steel. For the simulations we performed high detailed NonLinear material simulations, with customized stress-strain material curves. The Non-Linear/plastic stress behaviour (at extreme high load cases) and deformations were further investigated for Research and Development (R&D). In practice, GRF also performs Non-Destuctive Testing (NDT), Fatigue and Destructive proofload tests on their manufactured products according to the applicable safety and quality standards.

Vierhout Engineering is grateful to GRF for being able to carry out this project.

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For this showcase are some images shown with minimal tech details regarding respect to NDA.


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