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Vierhout Engineering

'' Driven by Engineering''

Vierhout Engineering has the mission to help the process and manufacturing industry with reliable, efficient, practical engineering services, and developing various innovations for a responsible sustainable future

Vierhout Engineering provides added value in technical developments, in positive constructive partnerships en applications for responsible sustainable future.

Vierhout Engineering is looking for new partnerships with entrepreneurs and companies with a positive constructive 
Mindset and decisiveness, to develop together sustainable.

Vierhout Engineering (V.E.) supports industrial clients with regard to applied Mechanical engineering in various disciplines. V.E. stands for efficiency, detail, quality, flexibility, practical application and is committed to positive cooperation with regard to your technical project. From the office in Hengelo, or in certain situations (partially) on location, V.E. supplies these business and technical services (B2B) to very diverse manufacturing industries. V.E. has the knowledge, expertise and (innovative) tools in house to provide you with the best technical advice, in collaboration with your expertise. It is common practice for V.E. that your confidential information and designs will be treated with confidentiality (NDA). Engineering within mechanical engineering and working on a sustainable, healthy future are the passions and drive of V.E. We are constantly growing and developing in very diverse areas. V.E. has a constant drive to provide clients with professional mechanical-structural engineering.

Technology is an important part of our society and is constantly evolving. Vierhout Engineering has a drive to keep developing, after all, standing still means going backwards.  V.E. loves science and technology, from design to production, practical realization and applications. As a mechanical specialist and independent small business engineering office, V.E. focuses specifically on various subjects and fields such as: Machinery Construction, Steel Construction / Special Steel Constructions, Industrial, Process / Installation Technology, Sustainable Energy Technology and everything related to Aquaponics with regard to Sustainable Food Production / Agri & Food.


At the moment (2023) VE is a sole proprietorship in corporate legal form by Evert Vierhout. Evert Vierhout (Ing. Mechanical Engineering) founded Vierhout Engineering in 2016. After various studies, additional courses, training and several years of practical experience for various industries / contractors & clients, with positions such as: WTB Project Engineer, Mechanic, 2D/3D CAD Draftsman and FEA Engineer.

Vierhout Engineering is a consultancy with a lot of knowledge, expertise and decisiveness in the field of Mechanical Engineering with design and application. With extensive experience in the metal/manufacturing industry in which various disciplines have been developed into expertise. Meanwhile (2023) there is more than >20 years of experience in mechanical engineering. A large network has been built up in industry, engineering and production / assembly companies.

Optionally for ( large) projects, multiple engineers / teams can be flexibly composed and deployed from our network. We are also happy to handle small-scale technical issues/projects for you. V.E. takes on assignments and projects of a few hours to several months lead time.

VE has a large network in the industry concerning production companies and (independent) engineers from many different disciplines. There are also possibilities to put together project teams and to arrange/manage the technology with regard to production/assembly. In this way VE can completely unburden you with regard to engineering (design and advice) and the supply of technology. V.E. is open to future collaborations with companies and entrepreneurs in tech industry and business.

V.E. attaches great importance to sustainability. Part of the mission is to make the world a bit more sustainable, greener and healthier. This plays an important role in the choices that are made. The financial banking is arranged through the sustainable Triodos bank. Using the expertise that V.E. in-house, a more sustainable world is created. Where sustainability, technology and comfort do not have to stand in each other's way, but can form a nice combination for a green and healthy future. 

Ask for the possibilities, without obligation, suitable for your technical project.
You are welcome at the Vierhout Engineering office by appointment. Or VE meets you at company location. Online video connections are also possible (MS Teams, Zoom, Skype).

Contact for a no-obligation consult and quotation.

Project under development and registered trade name by Vierhout Engineering;
Green Tukker Aquaponics | GT aqua
Green Tukker Aquaponics
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  • gt.aquaponics

Vision & Mission


GT aqua has the mission to develop and realize Hydro and Aquaponics cultivation systems for the efficient production of local, fresh and healthy food in a circular, ecological and practical way.


Making the food supply more sustainable in a positive way to increase health and biodiversity, and to reduce the negative impact on nature, climate and the environment.


Investors and (agri-) entrepreneurs in a sustainable partnership. For the further development and practical realization of Aquaponics systems in combination with the cultivation of local exclusive food products.

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