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Project Engineering 
Mechanical engineering
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Do you have technical issues or capacity problems within your company or engineering department?

We offer Mechanical engineering design services and customized engineering.

  • Applied Mechanical Engineering in practice and theory.

  • Experience, knowledge and expertise present within many technical subjects and disciplines.

  • From idea, design to production, construction and realization.

  • Project management and practical approach from engineering to production and realization.

  • Technical drawings / CAD 2D / 3D.

  • Machine construction, precision engineering up to heavy machine construction, industrial automation.

  • Sustainable Energy Techniques from feasible studies to engineering and realization.

  • Piping / Rotating equipment / Industrial installation technology

  • Container construction and specials / Containerized solutions.

  • Steel structures

  • Skids / Skidbouw / Machine frames

  • Biogas installations with all associated technologies. Anaerobic processes, Tanks,

  • Waste water treatment in industrial and sewage water treatment. WWTP / WWTP technologies.

  • Machine construction such as: Rotating Equipment (pumps, compressors, etc.), Plastics Injection molding machines, Packaging, Palletizing, Robotic tools (grippers), Carton stacking machinery, etc.

  • Knowledge and experience with many production methods and designs such as;

  • Sheet metal, Sheet Metal, setting, Sheet results and cutting drawings.

  • Welding compositions

  • Machining techniques

  • Casting / Foundry models and drawings

  • 3D printing - 3D designing and supplying.

  • All accompanying drawings symbols for production such as; Welding symbols, shape-place tolerances, etc.

  • Making compositions with bill of materials (Bill Of Materials).

  • Diagrams and diagrams P & IDs, PFDs.

  • Drive technology; Designing and determining the drive type and associated order sizes. Pneumatics / hydraulics, electrical / mechanical drives.

  • Applied fluid mechanics; drawing up and determining hydraulic profiles, calculating pipe resistances, accessories and selecting suitable pumps. The development of piping / piping assemblies and production drawings.

  • Applied Energy Technology; Determine performance and various thermodynamic analyzes. Solutions and advice on sustainable energy systems.

  • For each project, it is determined exactly which activities are required and can be carried out.

Project Engineering

Feel free to ask for the possibilities that suit your technical project.
You are welcome by appointment at the office of Vierhout Engineering. Or V.E. can meet at your company location. Online video connections are also possible (MS Teams, Zoom, Skype).
Contact for a free and no-obligation consult.

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