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Growing Together a Green and Healthy Future!

Mission & Vision



GT aqua has the mission to develop and realize Hydro and Aquaponics cultivation systems for the efficient production of local, fresh and healthy food in a circular, ecological and practical way.


Making the food supply more sustainable in a positive way to increase health and biodiversity, and to reduce the negative impact on nature, climate and the environment.


Investors and (agri-) entrepreneurs in a sustainable partnership. For the further development and practical realization of Aquaponics systems in combination with the cultivation of local exclusive food products.

About Aquaponics:


Aquaponics is a growing principle whereby combined vegetables, herbs, fruit and fish are grown in a recirculating ecosystem. It is a combination of fish (aquaculture) and plants (hydroponics) in a controlled indoor climate. This allows food to be grown in a biodiverse way at any desired location throughout the year. The fish fertilize the water system and pure organic worm compost release the nutrients to the recirculating water, allowing the plants to grow under optimum conditions. A balanced ecosystem is present in this system with numerous good useful microorganisms and bio-filtration. The quality, nutrients of the products and natural resistance / the immune system of the plants and fish are therefore higher. Synthetic fertilizer, synthetic minerals, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, etc. are absolutely unacceptable and are therefore not added. This produces the purest farmed fish and vegetable food. Compared to regular (organic) arable farming, up to around 90% water is saved. In addition, organic crop cultivation also uses harmful substances or contamination via the air, soil and water. Aquaponics is also called "Better Than Organic" (better than organic). Fully sustainable, healthy and locally produced super food!

Meanwhile, successful Aquaponics growing systems have been set up in the USA, Australia, Asia by various entrepreneurs in recent years. Vierhout has the knowledge and experience of this in-house, from theory to operating these types of installations in practice. The (Hybrid) Aquaponics systems with the associated techniques that are being developed by Vierhout Engineering - GT aqua are based on proven technologies, biology and practical data from various pioneers, knowledge institutions and practical entrepreneurs. At Hybrid Aquaponics different types of growing trays with a certain scale / ratio are used. We have made our own technical design based on the most successful proven systems. In the future, we will offer these techniques in standard modules and as tailor-made solutions to interested entrepreneurs. These installations can be realized on very different scales, from small-scale home use, to large-scale commercial systems. This can be achieved at many locations. It does not have to be at the expense of arable land, but with it more efficiency can be created on fields. The systems can, for example, also be implemented at locations that no longer serve a useful purpose, vacant sites, in vacant office buildings, sheds / halls, in old livestock stables, greenhouse horticulture, etc. Vierhout has designed a greenhouse complex based on (recycled) prefab. containers and can be expanded completely modularly. The energy required for the applied techniques (pumps, aeration, heating, grow lighting, etc.) that is required for this is supplied by means of renewable energy. Various options can be applied for energy management, such as solar energy and biomass integrated into the nursery.


Vierhout Engineering | In recent years Green Tukker (GT aqua) has specialized and certified (by Murray Hallam & Upstart University) on the Aquaponics principle. GT aqua has designed various modular Aquaponics culture systems based on systems that have proven successful in practice (specifically Hybrid / CHOP2 Aquaponics from Australia, Asia and USA). At the moment we are still in the development phase to realize these techniques. The intention is to realize local Aquaponics systems with (exclusive, qualitative, sustainable, organic) healthy local products are produced. At the moment we have build a small-scale Aquaponics (indoor) system into practice. These practical Aquaponics installations are offered with all associated techniques, knowledge and education to other interested parties. From local small-scale to large-scale commercial installations. At the moment we are still looking for a partnership and / or interested entrepreneurs / investors or (existing) farmers / horticulturists to realize and expand the sustainable business in practice.

Driven by Sustainability, food systems need to be changed

Motivated, educated and inspired by;

Vierhout Engineering - GT aqua - is inspired, educated and certified by Murray Hallam (the aquaponics godfather) and practical cases by Waterfarmers, Upstart University, University of the Virgin Islands, research based on modern science, docu's and many other sustainable agri-tech entrepreneurs.

Green Tukker Aquaponics
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