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Mechanical & Structural Engineering | 3D Simulations | FEA | FEM

Construction-, Design-, Stability- and Strength calculations.


Vierhout Engineering supports efficiently, practically, flexibly and in high detail.



Do you have a question about safety, strength, stress, bending, stability and / or a more efficient design?

Calculations, simulations and reports in a high level of detail , efficiency and practical working method.

Specialized in special custom constructions and machine construction projects.

This page contains a variety of additional descriptions and details of the various technical services (FEA simulations).

Opties project specifiek en op aanvraag;

+ Construcion check.
+ Optimization design.
+ High detailed with results and direct 3D CAD geometry import. 
+ Collaboration / Cooperation with your engineers.
+ Efficiënt and Flexible professional projects.
+ Practical and experienced approach based on latest engineering science and tools.
+ Using of complex (Large) 3D CAD assemblies, Eliminating geometry simplification.

Optional solutions:
+ Linear statics
+ Non-Linear Geometric
+ Non-Linear Material
+ Modal Frequency / Eigenfrequenties
+ Thermal Deformations; Loaded coupled thermal-stress / Gedrag van uitzetting, krimp,
+ Transient dynamics (time, frequency and random response).
+ Fatigue Analysis using S-N (stress-life) / Vermoeiing.

Why FEA Simulations by Vierhout Engineering?

  • Does your product, machine or construction meet the technical and safety requirements?

  • Do you have the Technical Construction File / Documentation / Report complete with detailed design calculations?

  • Can your product, machine or construction be designed more efficiently?

  • We cooperate and proactively contribute to the design and construction of your product.

  • We supply the technical documents and design review with results of the detailed simulations

  • We simulate and analyze your design efficiently and in detail using various innovative design 3D CAD tools and simulation software Altair SimSolid.

  • Directly using your designs and drawings (analyzes of detail 3D models and large assemblies without the usual simplifications of the FEA models and FEA analyzes). We can also work out the detailed 3D models and drawings as desired.

  • Your designs are managed securely under Nondisclosure / NDA.

  • Affordable competitive prices due to work efficiency and low overhead costs.

  • Efficient working method, possibly in collaboration and consultation with your engineers.

  • FEA simulations / analysis with the latest modern tools in the highest detailed report.

We offer;

  • Detailed, accurate, well-arranged and efficient analyzes including reporting at competitive prices.

  • Finite Element Methods and Analyzes / Construction Calculations / Strength Calculations (EEA / FEA / FEM & Meshfree methods).

  • For various projects; Machine constructions, from component level till large complex assemblies, machines and constructions, Steel constructions, Specials, Weldments, Frames, Piping, Prototyping,

  • Steel structures (if desired, check according to Eurocode 1, 3 / NEN-EN 1991, 1993).

  • Complex and custom connections are in most cases no problem to analyze in high detail.

  • Material Stresses (Von Mises)

  • Displacements 

  • Safety factors

  • Various analysis options:

  • Static and Dynamic (time) response analyzes

  • Natural frequencies (Modal analysis)

  • Various contacts, Friction contacts, welds, Linear & Non-linear

  • Materials Linear & Non-linear

  • Bolt / nut connections incl. Pre-stresses, friction and tightening torques.

  • Welding / welding calculations

  • Thermal load / Thermal Stress

  • Materials: Steel alloys, ferrous / non-ferrous, plastics

  • Do you have (3D solid / STEP) CAD models from a part, assembly or construction that needs to be analyzed for strength and stability? We can perform the analyzes for you effectively.

  • Without CAD models we can, of course, also elaborate this. Then we work out the 3D CAD models to your wishes.

  • We have the SimSolid Professional license. This simulation software is very innovative and has many advantages over the traditional finite element programs. Meshless analysis / Meshfree methods by using 3D solids with high accuracy is a big advantage in this. For example, complex parts and large assemblies (large assemblies) are no problem to analyze in detail and accurately.

  • Feel free to ask about the many options, we are happy to think along with you.

Feel free to ask for the possibilities that suit your technical project. 

You are welcome by appointment at the office of Vierhout Engineering. Or V.E. can meet at your company location. Online video connections are also possible (MS Teams, Zoom, Skype).  

Contact for a free and no-obligation consult.

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