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Mechanical & Structural Engineering | 3D Simulations | FEA | FEM

Construction-, Design-, Stability- and Strength calculations.


Vierhout Engineering supports efficiently, practically, flexibly and in high detail.



Do you have a question about safety, strength, stress, bending, stability and / or a more efficient design?

Calculations, simulations and reports in a high level of detail , efficiency and practical working method.

Specialized in special custom constructions and machine construction projects.

Professional in FEA Simulations, Mechanical - Structural Engineering & Design

Mechanical- Structural Analysis are often required for important parts or assemblies and constructions. We are specialized in analyzing / FEA simulations by using our skills and powerful simulation tools.


Do you have a question about the strength or stability of your product or machine parts, complex assemblies or custom designed structures?


With our tools, knowledge and skills, we analyze your design (3D CAD models) directly, efficiently and accurately detailed.

Workflow & approach by Vierhout Engineering

1. Obligation free quote

    + First contact and substantive consultation about the technical project. At company location or (online)          remote. Optional; a confidentiality agreement NDA.

    + Exchange of 3D CAD models, detailed specifications and load cases. V.E. tests and evaluates the 3D CAD        models for usability prior to simulation analysis.

2. Simulation process and detailed analysis.

3. Design Review of (interim) results on company location and / or remotely by means of various online            tools (email, video call, Microsoft Teams / Zoom).

    + If required: design update / 3D model revision / optimization and iteration simulation.


4. Reporting final results.

Feel free to ask for the possibilities that suit your technical project.
You are welcome by appointment at the office of Vierhout Engineering. Or V.E. can meet at your company location. Online video connections are also possible (MS Teams, Zoom, Skype).
Contact for a free and no-obligation consult.

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