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Growing Together a Green and Healthy Future!

Sustainable Energy Techniques & sustainable food production are solutions for a healthy future. Vierhout Engineering is passionate and driven about this. It is a must to jointly create a sustainable future for our future generations.

VE has knowledge and expertise in various sciences, applications, practical solutions and technical projects from business practice . VE provides various Mechanical Engineering consultancy/design services for companies that are engaged in the development and production of sustainable techniques. To make the Agri-food sector more sustainable, VE is developing and realizing circular food (Aquaponics) cultivation systems.



Vierhout Engineering - Driven by Sustainability;   we need to change!


Evert Vierhout has specialized in various 'Sustainability' subjects and applies this in practice. In the years 2009 to 2011, due to extensive interests and various ideals, the Minor, various internships and the engineering specialization were chosen during the HBO Mechanical Engineering course. Conducted at Saxion, Lectorate Sustainable Energy.

V.E. has continued its choices in business career and entrepreneurship, especially with engineering practice and application within various large projects. V.E. offers various applied design services.

VE supports the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) established by the United Nations (UN).

  • The 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) by the United Nations (UN).

Summarized topics and experiences by VE;

  • Feasibility studies, energetic, financial and practical advice.

  • Applied Engineering in: Plant design, Process diagrams (PFD/P&IDs), Piping design, (Rotating) equipment, Selection and design of pumps, heat exchangers, appendages, instrumentation, etc. Fluid dynamics, Thermodynamics.

  • Collaboration / cooperative engineering in multidisciplinary teams.

  • S pecialisaties in applied Renewable energy technologies;

    • Biomass​ & Biogas installations

      • Biogas from biomass (co-substrates, organic waste, manure, sewage sludge, etc.)

      • Industrial​ and Small-scale (central/decentralized)

      • Sewage and industrial water treatment plants (WWTP / WWTP / WWTP).

      • CHPs

      • (Bio-)Gas upgrading to natural gas qualities.

      • Wood burning​ / Wood-CV

      • Composting Plants

    • Solar energy​

      • PV (Photovoltaic)​ panels

      • Thermal systems

    • Wind energy​

    • geothermal

    • Hydrogen

    • heat pumps

    • There are very diverse experiences from feasibility studies and practical advice up to and including engineering, production, assembly and construction / realization of installations.

Green Tukker Aquaponics

Project and entrepreneurship from own development under Vierhout Engineering - GT aqua;

  • Summary benefits Aquaponics

    • Local, Efficient and Sustainable farming systems of healthy food: Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs and Fish.

    • Up to 90% water savings compared to arable farming.

    • No use of synthetic fertilizers.

    • No use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides and antibiotics.

    • More flavour, more nutritious, high production yields, better quality (scientifically and in practice proven).

    • Biodiversity in a recirculating ecosystem.

Newspaper article (Tubantia):
Click on the image for an article from the Tubantia, October 2019, about Vierhout and Aquaponics (Dutch language);

GTaquaponics-Tubantia-okt2019 - compress
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Feel free to ask about the many possibilities without obligation, Vierhout Engineering is happy to think and work with your team. Vierhout Engineering will be happy to visit you at your company location to discuss your project or issue. You are also welcome at the office of Vierhout Engineering. Online video connections are also possible (MS Teams, Zoom, Skype, etc.).

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