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  • Evert Vierhout

Start construction circular Aquaponics container at Oogst!

The plan is to realize and further develop the Aquaponics cultivation principle in a shipping container on the Oogst site (Hengelo, Esrein). With the essence of growing local, healthy, high-quality fresh food (various vegetables) in a responsible way with a recirculating and pro-biological process.

For an intro on this topic, see following links:

Afb. 3D CAD designs by Evert Vierhout - 40 FT container module

Afb. 3D CAD designs by Evert Vierhout - Aquaponics system internal container

Circular Circularity: Circular construction and cultivation!

With this process and cultivation principle, a certain water and nitrogen cycle is controlled by means of biology and various processes with associated knowledge and techniques. It can be seen as an efficient indoor organic vegetable and herbs garden in combination with fish (for example goldfish for this project) in which water cycles and microbiology are present and controlled by means of various processes and techniques.


Part of the development is the design, circular construction and process-based implementation of an innovative Aquaponics cultivation system, placed in shipping containers. Greenhouse or indoor projects also belong to the option.

The idea for this project is to reuse/'Up-cycle' various materials and parts (as much as possible) into 'indoor vertical farming grow systems'. Such as with used shipping containers, IBCs (1000L containers), Pallet racks, insulation and construction metal & woodwork. For this project, chopped IBCs and plastic barrels are planned to used as various types of plant grow beds, fish tanks and biofilters. New components will be used for various process installation techniques.

Artworks Infinity: M.C.Esher


Various social problems and goals, such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), can be (partly) achieved with this. To contribute to the development of a better world, people and future generations.


Oogst (Stichting Creatieve Broedplaats Twente) has created a beautiful project and terrain. They put a lot of work into it, Respect! In my opinion, this is a fantastic repurposing for this site and in (central) surroundings i.c.m. the history.

I have approached Oogst in connection with the various interesting interfaces within the ambitions and developments in the region. The Hengelo location of Oogst is a very suitable location to realize a Containerized Aquaponics prototype module and demonstrate it to interested parties. An aquaponics container project had been on my agenda for a long time.

In order to be able to develop and grow further with this innovation, cooperation and investment are required in various multidisciplinary subjects.

The container!

The plan was given the green light and, in mutual enthusiasm, we continued to place a 40 FT container on the Oogst site. This first container has been donated to Oogst by René Haafkes .

My big thanks go to them for making the location and container available!

Commissioned by Vierhout Engineering and transported by Wessels en zn. with a professional piece of steering work with a steering trailer (from the former location of the container) and the hoisting work, compliments for that too!

The current location is located on solid (and polluted) rubble soil of the former and former Stork. Sturdy bricks have been placed on it as a foundation. Applied and reused from the previous pavements from the Hengelo city center.

The container was produced in 1979 according to the type plate. The steel box is also a great fixer-upper. In the coming times I will have the necessary grinding and welding, among other things ;)

Searching for:
  • Sponsorship in building materials, for example residual flows from the construction industry. An objective for this project is to apply as many parts and materials as possible in within the Circularity.

  • To be able to grow with this, cooperation on various points is also required. other collaborations, sponsoring, social / social, education?, cooperative (crowd) funding?, (B2B) revenue models, Other good advice and possibly also practical help is welcome.

Searching for the parts below for the conversion and construction of the 40 FT container.

An option is for example sponsoring/ advertisement on the project.

PV Solar system

Placed on container roof on frame at an angle.

The panel angle to the sun (S) has been changed compared to the first design.

New option is an E-W Setup. Linked to the grid. Optionally work with battery storage for a self-sufficient Off-Grid system.

Other options are leftovers and self-build/installation.


Evert Vierhout


Outside of this project, there are various other technical options based on these processes, bio- & technology, in a different scale, design and structure for example in combination with greenhouses.

Update: latest plan East-West Solar PV setup.

Because of longitude container placement to the south.


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